11 Apr. 2013, Holt: more on the research task

Margaret Bird will give a talk at Holt Library on aspects of the research task for the very long Mary Hardy project. Printed handouts will accompany the presentation, held on Thursday 11 April 2013 at 10 am.

Entrance is free and all are welcome; but please book first with the library at 9 Church Street, Holt, NR25 6BB, telephone 01263 712202. The event will last about an hour.

The long reach of the diary coverage

Mary Hardy's north Norfolk 1781-1809

North Norfolk: the very wide area which this active, mobile family and their workforce covered on a regular basis. Burnham Market, in the far north-west and seen at the banner, lies 17 miles from the brewery. Stalham, 25 miles away to the south-east, is off the map

William and Mary Hardy, their family circle and their valiant workforce covered a very wide area in their daily lives. Stretching from their Letheringsett base four miles from the sea, it extended to much of north, north-east and central Norfolk.

This map displays some of the places named in the diary. Towns and villages with public houses supplied from their village brewery are shown in italic type.

In the difficult period 1781–82, when William Hardy and his team were servicing the Coltishall outlets as well as those of his new brewery, the area was even wider. The brewer on his tours of the outlets, and the draymen delivering the beer, reached as far south as the Yare valley east of Norwich, which falls off this map.

Some of these places had churches and meeting houses which Mary Hardy attended.

Huge mileages

These mileages were achieved in an age often regarded as static. One of the many recurrent themes emerging from the diary is that, on the contrary, itinerancy was a way of life for many.

Exploring all these places, and sampling the surviving pubs, was one of the great pleasures of the research task.

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