‘A de luxe edition’ and ‘a real bargain’: praise for The Diary of Mary Hardy in the latest review

In a long review, in a top academic journal, the Burnham Press four-volume edition of The Diary of Mary Hardy is described as “a de luxe edition”.

G.M. Ditchfield, Emeritus Professor of Eighteenth-Century History at the University of Kent, gives a very detailed account of the Diary, with its companion volume The Remaining Diary of Mary Hardy 1773–1809. He describes the set as ‘a most impressively professional edition’, and concludes:

“On account of the handsome appearance and the painstaking thoroughness of the edition, the cost of the four diary volumes plus the Remaining Diary can be considered a real bargain at present-day book prices.”

As well as giving a summary of Mary Hardy’s significance as a diarist the review contains only praise for Margaret Bird’s editorial scholarship. It was published in the February 2015 issue of the English Historical Review. More details appear under the Reviews pages for Burnham Press and Mary Hardy’s Diary.