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Burnham Press, based in Kingston upon Thames, are the publishers of the full set of Mary Hardy volumes. You can use this website to learn about the project and to order the books either via Amazon.co.uk or direct from us using the form for cheque payment at How to buy.

This part of the website tells you about the look of our books and the way they are styled with an emphasis on clarity and easy readability.

Clear communication

Our hallmark is clear communication. Burnham Press insist on clarity of language, and our works of serious scholarship are free of unnecessary jargon.

Any technical, archaic and dialect terms are explained in a sidenote on the same page as the unfamiliar words; we do not use endnotes.

The way the page is laid out can greatly enhance understanding. We work hard to ensure that the look of the page and the way the notes and captions are handled will appeal to our readers.

Lines are kept short for easy readability, and pictures are anchored to the text in an attractive fashion.

This approach is explained further under Helpful layout.

While using the latest digital technology we try to emulate the standards of the old hot-metal printers when setting the page. Manufacturing standards in printing and binding are not compromised, as described under Production standards.

Diary 2, pp. 418-19, household inventory

Diary 2, pp. 418-19: from William Hardy’s household inventory 1797

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