Production standards

High production standards enhance the visual impact for our readers.

Our books are printed and bound in Britain. The printers are MPG Biddles Ltd, who—like us—are passionate about the look and feel of a book. Established in Surrey in 1885, with digital production now at King’s Lynn in Norfolk, they have long experience of manufacturing craftsmanship.

Environmental stewardship

Our readers can be confident about the raw material sourcing of our products. Biddles’ operations meet high environmental standards. The paper chosen for our books—a supple, high-quality coated 115-gsm paper—is woodfree and FSC certified. Being created from chemical pulp, with the lignin removed, the paper will not be prone to yellowing.

Diary 4, pp.122-3, London visit

Two pages from Diary 4: Mary Hardy’s London visit of 1800

High-resolution printing

These days publishers favour digital printing, with its short print-runs. We have not  sacrificed print quality as a result. The print resolution set for our books is 2400 dpi (when many books are now produced at 600 dpi). This means that in our products the printed page has the sharpness of text and beauty of image found on some of the best litho-printing machines.

The thumbnails on this website, as seen here, cannot do justice to the precision look of the page in our publications. However by single-clicking on each image to enlarge it you will gain some idea of the presentation of the material. This is explained in greater detail under Helpful layout.

(Note, September 2013: The excellent printers, Biddles, ceased trading during the summer. A new operation was soon established at King’s Lynn, with the participation of some of the members of the old production team.)