Diary Volumes

In this four-volume edition by Margaret Bird the books may be purchased separately or as a set of four. All are hardback, and each volume has an editorial introduction, chronology, glossary, bibliography and index.

The transcription of the diarists’ text uses their original spelling. A minimum of modern punctuation has been inserted, for clarity of meaning.

All the illustrations are black and white, apart from the dustjackets which are full colour.

The FRONT COVERS of the complete series of Mary Hardy volumes are pictured on the Home page.

You can buy the books from this website or from Amazon.co.uk.

The four hardbacks: the Diary

Further information about the contents can be found on the links below.

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Diary 1 · 17731781   Public house and waterway

606 pages · hardback  |  210 x 148 mm

282 b/w illustrations · 8 figures · colour dustjacket

ISBN 978–0–9573360–0–1  |  April 2013  |  price £30.00

+ £3.50 UK post and packing

Diary 2 · 17811793   Beer supply, water power and a death

566 pages · hardback  |  210 x 148 mm

326 b/w illustrations · 8 figures · colour dustjacket

ISBN 978–0–9573360–1–8  |  April 2013  |  price £30.00    

+ £3.50 UK post and packing

Diary 3 · 17931797   Farm, maltings and brewery 

(with the Diary of Henry Raven)

568 pages · hardback  |  210 x 148 mm

315 b/w illustrations · 8 figures · colour dustjacket

ISBN 978–0–9573360–2–5  |  April 2013  |  price £30.00  

+ £3.50 UK post and packing

Diary 4 · 17971809   Shipwreck and meeting house

608 pages · hardback  |  210 x 148 mm

364 b/w illustrations · 9 figures · colour dustjacket

ISBN 978–0–9573360–3–2  |  April 2013 |  price £30.00    

+ £3.50 UK post and packing


2348 pages · ISBN 978–0–9573360–4–9  |  April 2013

price £92.00  + £8.00 UK post and packing 

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The supplementary paperback: The Remaining Diary

Roughly a third of Mary Hardy’s original text is omitted from the hardback four-volume edition.

The transcription of the missing diary entries, totalling more than 160,000 words, may be purchased separately as The Remaining Diary of Mary Hardy 1773–1809. This is available as a paperback from Burnham Press.

168 pages · paperback  |  297 x 210 mm  |  7 b/w illustrations · 2 figures · colour covers

ISBN 978–0–9573360–5–6  |  April 2013

price £18.00   + £3.00 UK post and packing

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The two-column layout of the hardbacks

The page layout and editorial insertions are designed to guide the reader along the way. It is helpful to have the explanatory notes, citation of sources and cross-references aligned as closely as possible with the relevant part of the text.

For that reason marginal notes (sidenotes) have been adopted, as shown in this example.

Mary Hardy's Diary 4, pp. 256-257

Diary 4, pp. 256-7: the wreck of William Hardy jnr’s sloop Nelly in February 1804

The eye can quickly check the note before moving on; or, to preserve the flow, the reader can wait until the end of that day’s entry to check the notes.

This two-column layout allows space for the informative captions accompanying each illustration.

Photocopies of the original manuscripts

For those who wish to study the manuscripts, paper photocopies of all the diary pages written by Mary Hardy and Henry Raven are lodged in six large boxes in Norwich at the Norfolk Record Office (NRO) under the general catalogue reference FX 376.

The accessioning by the archivists reflects the dates of each of the five large ledgers in which Mary Hardy wrote her diary (FX 376/1FX 376/5).

A sixth reference covers the photocopy of Henry Raven’s manuscript diary, from his ledger  (FX 376/6).

The details for Mary Hardy and Henry Raven can be accessed from the NRO online catalogue NROCAT. Just type the individual reference into the NROCAT search box (either Quick Search or Advanced Search).

The results can be downloaded in printable form.