Mary Hardy and her World 1773–1809

In course of preparation for publishing. In this four-volume work of commentary and analysis by Margaret Bird the books may be purchased separately or as a set of four. The publication date and prices will be announced here when they are known.

Further information about the contents can be found on the main website Mary Hardy and her World 1773–1809.

Witton by Walsham: Norris memorial 1769, 1777

The wealthy gentry did not mix with Mary Hardy. Occasionally she refers to them, as when noting John Norris’s funeral procession from London passing through her village in 1777

Volume 1 ·  A working family

hardback  |  210 x 148 mm

Volume 2 ·  Barley, beer and the working year

hardback  |  210 x 148 mm

Volume 3 ·  Spiritual and social forces 

hardback  |  210 x 148 mm

Volume 4 ·  Under sail and under arms

hardback  |  210 x 148 mm