The Remaining Diary of Mary Hardy 1773–1809

This companion volume to the four-volume edition The Diary of Mary Hardy 1773–1809 is also by Margaret Bird and is published by Burnham Press. It will appeal to family historians and to other researchers, including specialists such as climatologists and historians of the home, who need access to the full database of each daily entry.

The Remaining Diary, front cover

The Remaining Diary of Mary Hardy, cover, showing a Holt outlet of the Hardys

It contains the remainder of the diary text (162,000 words) written in the Letheringsett years 17811809, but omitted from Diary 2, Diary 3, and Diary 4. (Diary 1, written at Coltishall 17731781, contains the diarist’s unabridged text.) It is intended to be read only in conjunction with the other Diary  volumes.

The transcription follows the same editorial method as in The Diary of Mary Hardy. Unlike other publications by Burnham Press this volume has very few illustrations and is without annotations, bibliography and index. More details can be found at The Remaining Diary of Mary Hardy 1773–1809.

168 pages · paperback  |  297 x 210 mm

7 b/w illustrations · 2 figures · colour covers

ISBN 978–0–9573360–5–6  |  April 2013

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