“A remarkable feat of scholarly dedication”

The first book review of Burnham Press’s new publication The Diary of Mary Hardy 1773–1809 gives the work the highest praise under the headline “Remarkable feat of scholarly dedication”.

“Beautifully produced”

These are the words of Trevor Heaton, the Books editor of the regional daily newspaper the Eastern Daily Press on 8 June 2013, less than six weeks after the four-volume edition of the diary was brought out (Weekend supplement, page 21):

“Quite obviously, no trouble (or, presumably, expense) has been spared to make these volumes the very best that they can possibly be . . .” The reviewer then refers to each “beautifully-produced volume”.

“Just the statistics are mind-boggling”

Trevor Heaton applauds Margaret Bird’s dedication to her mission of publishing the diary in full, entailing 2350 printed pages in the four-volume edition with its 1300 illustrations and 460 pages of index: “You can gather the scale of the project.”

Himself a published historian, he forecasts that, among others, “the book will be of greatest appeal to historical researchers.”

All the volumes are currently on sale in Norwich at Jarrolds and the City Bookshop; also at Holt—just one mile from where Mary Hardy wrote her diary—at The Holt Bookshop.

You can read more about the reviewer’s assessment of the publication’s significance on the Diary website.